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Earthly Tranquility Palace Ritual

Held over the course of 5 days, for 45 minutes a session.

  • 45 min
  • 147 New Zealand dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

A Manchu Primitive Ritual Performed in honouring of "the chosen" History: This was only ever performed by people who had undergone what was known as “shamanic illness,” which meant that they had been chosen to be shaman by the spirits. These shaman, who set up altars in their homes, received a different kind of training than hereditary shaman. And when these “transformational” shaman entered trances, they believed themselves to be possessed by animal spirits which helped them heal and perform exorcisms. In this modernized ritual, Lady Crescent performs this as a rite of passage for new shamans (usually and traditionally women), not for the hereditarily shaman but the ones chosen by spirit and blessed by shamanistic heaven. These chosen shaman will usually experience what's called a dancing fever, and urge to to heal others. They take on the pain of the world in hopes to re nurture it into love and peace. They will experience many vivid dreams which later will turn to be truth, and become known as prophetic dreams. They will find themselves in a dream peace state and in comfort of a "home" only in the greeneries, forests and lands away from any sort of people, noise and manic energies. These chosen will feel the stinging of electricity and ancestral vibration throughout their skeletonal vessels which root them to the mighty mother and heavenly plains of justice and great bellowing spirits of the skies, earth, fires and waters. To start honing these gifts and take control of these great prophecies instead of allowing them to take control of you, and to start the process of shamanic training - this ritual and rite is here to bless you on your new journey and ignite the flame of the phoenix (a rebirth in life/new chapter).

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact Lady at least 2 days in advance if it is for an in-person service or event, or a tarot reading for 1 person or more. If it is an online reading or service, or a reading for up to 2 persons, please give Lady at least 48 hrs' notice in advance. Refunds will not be processed after the windows given above.

Contact Details

Queenstown, New Zealand

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