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Hello Beautiful Being,

I am Lady Crescent, a highly respected White Witch, Empath, and Intuitive who is best recognized for giving "very chillingly accurate Tarot readings"

I'm a hereditary witch, born with various 'abilities'.

I have also undergone lots of training and mentorships over the years such as; Shamanism, Priestess-ship, Lightwork, Cartomancy, Mediumship, Clair Focusing, Intuitive Consulting, Empathic Support, and more - so that I am able to be the best me and help others the best I can.

"She'll tell you what you need to hear,

not what you want to hear."

I started practicing witchcraft at the young age of four, slowly but surely honing my craft, expanding my knowledge, and growing my abilities...

When I turned seventeen, the Art of Tarot caught my eye, and so Lady Crescent was born, and all of this has since blossomed from that.   Read more about my story here

I have always looked to help others conjure their most magickal dreams and desires and, to help bring direction and clarity in times of need. The goal is to help people live up to their fullest potential and grow into their best selves, whilst living their best lives.

I continuously work with young witches all over the world; in honing and up-leveling their own intuitive and magickal abilities, as it is a White Witch's duty to unbind blockages and help release young minds from their own limiting beliefs and push them a little bit closer to owning themselves and their heritage wholly, completely, and unapologetically.

I can ultimately say I have found my life's true purpose, and I hope to help you find yours too.

Bless'd Be,



Lady Crescent provides a variety of services that may be available either online and/or in person.

She is also available for Event Bookings, such as; Birthdays, Halloween Parties/Events, Wedding Receptions,

Hen's Parties, Corporate Events, Tarot & Crystal Party Hire, Balls, Fairs, Festivals, Markets, Prom, etc.

Lady is currently based in Queenstown, NZ for those who would like an in-person visit. In-Person locations are Client's Homes and/or an outside location such as a cafe within the CBD that may be agreed upon by both parties before the booking is taken place.

Highly Recommended By Many...


Lady is a big advocate for destigmatizing mental health and well-being, and the need for therapy.

Although Lady understands that zir/her services do provide some sort of holistic and alternative type method/feeling of counseling; Ze/She does not believe in replacing anyone's needs for therapy nor an existing therapist and recommends that ze/she be treated as an addition to the support you may already be receiving rather than a substitution.  

  • What are your Business Hours?
    Sundays I am off (I may be available upon *request, *after hour fees apply) Open for Events or Services costing over $75 Mondays 12pm - 5pm Tuesdays 12pm - 5pm Wednesdays 12am - 5pm | 6pm - 9pm (for events or payments over $50) Thursdays 11am - 5pm | 6pm - 9pm (for events or payments over $50) Fridays 12pm - 5pm | 6pm - 9pm (for events or payments over $50) Saturdays I am off (I may be available upon *request, if accepted *after hour fees apply) Open for Events or Services costing over $75 Holidays & Public Holidays may affect these hours. Timezone: NZST After hour fees: +$35 Public Holiday Fees: Reading or Service x 1.5 (Online) | Reading or Service x 2.0 (In-Person) *I have the right to deny or accept your booking request*
  • Where are you physically located?
    I am currently based in Queenstown, New Zealand. I do not take appointments in home currently. I travel to the client's location provided in the booking session for "home visits", or to trusted cafes for cafe sessions and/or to venues or other locations provided by the client required for event bookings or otherwise. However, the Private Room in Joes Garage Five Mile is availble for booking for payments made over $70 nzd, with a Food and Bevarage fee of $20/pp and only upon request made 24 hrs in advance of booking which I may choose to accept or decline. If you are not located in this area, please note that I provide many online services (including my magical tarot readings), which is entirely remote and can be done via an audio call or video chat via Zoom. I have given various online tarot readings online, and have been told that they are just as genuine, accurate and magical as they would be if they had it in person; so if you were worried that you wouldn't feel as connected or that wouldn't be as personal to you, don't be, because my many testimonials can assure you otherwise. :) Don't let borders, and seas stop you from finding your divine self <3
  • What currency do you use?
    All prices listed on the website are currently acting as NZD currency, but I am able to recieve various currencies through my secure online payment provider (Stripe), as they are able to convert multiple currencies into nzd. Please note that you will be sent an invoice if the amount I receive after the payment goes through Stripe's Currency Conversion is incorrect. Remember to use Google's Currency Converter to send through the correct payment required. Thank you.
  • What is included in my payment?
    10.5% Tax is included in all payments made online (except for deposits made to events, ceremonies and circles), as well as 2.99%+ 0.3, for my transaction provider Stripe. The default minumum travelling fee of $10 is also included in your total payment (only for all in-person readings, making online readings that much cheaper). You will be notified if the minimum travel fee is insufficient for your location when reconfirming your booking and will be sent an invoice of any fees that you are required to pay (with descriptions to help you understand where exactlyyour money is going to and why).
  • How shall I pay for my in person reading?
    Online. Please note: You will be sent an invoice with the payments you have made and payements which are still due. The invoice will include an acc number you need to send the payments to, the rightly calculated travel fees for your location, additional services you would like to add on (if any), the Reading price, tax, holiday fees (if any), subtotals and totals. Please pay whats due on the invoice within 48 hrs of recieveing it, as I will need to be able to use those travel fees to travel to and from the chosen location. (this location can be your address, a Friend's, a Cafe, A hotel, Motel, or park).
  • How much will the Travel Fees be?
    Travel Fee Chart: 10 - 15 mins = $10 (Queenstown CBD) 15 - 20 mins = $15 (Queenstown Hill & Hallenstien) 20 - 30 mins = $25 (Fernhill & Gorge Rd) 30 - 40 mins = $45 (Frankton & Five Mile) 40 - 50 mins = $60 (Lower Shotover & Lake Hayes) 50 > = $65+ (Shotover Country) Minimum Travel fees for any and all in-person readings (including cafe sessions and home visits) is $10 Travel fees are to cover the avg. time and cost it takes for Lady to get to and from the agreed location.
  • Booking, Cancellation, and Refund Policies"
    The Following is written in relation to Tarot readings/sessions but is to be applied to all in-person and online services provided by Lady Crescent. Lady Crescent - LC, Lady, She Client - you, they, your "Karen" - aggressive, abusive (emotionally, verbally, physically), disrespectful, unkind, harmful, all of a,b,c,d and above. Please be sure to book a Tarot Session, leaving a window of 12 hrs in advance of the time slot you wish to book in. If this is not followed, you will be referred to read this information and be politely asked to reschedule your booking. Lady Crescent holds all rights to decline a reading/client if: a. She feels that they are too blocked to be read b. They are rude, unkind, or disrespectful c. They show malicious, abusive or harmful behaviour d. She believes they hold unwanted or extreme negative energy If Lady Crescent (LC) does choose to decline a reading, Client or session of any kind, LC will let you know and your money will be refunded to you as soon as LC is able - please allow up to 3 working days for the money to come through to your acc, starting from the day LC tells you she has put the refund through. If a Client wishes to Cancel a Tarot session with Lady Crescent (LC), they must give at least 3 days notice before doing so. If less than 3 days notice has been given, LC has the right to refuse your refund, and no money will be given back. The Client must provide a small paragraph as to why they wish to cancel, before the refund can be approved. If a Client wishes to Reschedule a Tarot session with Lady Crescent (LC), they must give at least 48hrs notice before doing so. If less than 48hrs notice has been given, LC has the right to either cancel your booking, charge for travel fees or time wasted and/or refuse to refund your money. If a Client has Rescheduled their Tarot session more than twice already, LC reserves the right to charge and/or withhold any travel fees, and the full cost of bookings leading to this situation. Refunds cannot be made, except when at least 48 hrs of notice is given for any rescheduling, or 3 days notice if you choose to cancel. You can not request a refund after receiving your session, or any Service that has passed it's refund window. If you decide to get all "Karen" about the situation, even though everything has been clearly stated in this written Policy, Lady has the right to take legal action for stepping over Lady Crescent's safety and security policy lines.
  • Tarot Event Hires : Booking, Cancellation, and Refund Policies"
    If a Client wishes to Cancel a Tarot Event hire with Lady Crescent, they must give at least 10 days notice before doing so. If less than 10 days notice has been given, Lady Crescent has the right to refuse a refund to your money. All Written Policies from 'Booking, Cancellation, and Refund Policies' apply.
  • Travel Fees : Policies and Procedures
    All In-Person Services, especially In-Person Tarot Readings, LightWork and Event Hires which require Lady Crescent to Travel to and from a place/location, include a minimum Travel Fee of $10 , unless otherwise stated by Lady Crescent. Travel Fees are applied to all situations which require a minimum of 10 mins Travel, such as: Cafe Sessions, Home Visits, Event Hires, etc. Travel Fees are calculated via the total time it takes Lady Crescent (on an average) to get to and from a place/location, please refer to the 'table' below for a better understanding: 10 - 15 mins = $10 (Queenstown CBD) 15 - 20 mins = $15 (Queenstown Hill & Hallenstien) 20 - 30 mins = $25 (Fernhill & Gorge Rd) 30 - 40 mins = $45 (Frankton & Five Mile) 40 - 50 mins = $60 (Lower Shotover & Lake Hayes) 50 > = $65+ (Shotover Country)
  • Travel Boundaries : Policies and Procedures
    Currently Lady Crescent is based in Queenstown, New Zealand. All in-person services/bookings are available to those who live within the Queenstown - Lakes area. Please remember to respect and adhere to the 'Travel Fees : Policies and Procedures'. Lady Crescent considers herself a remote worker, and (post covid) travelled parts of the world taking in-person clients and bookings from all over - she will notify you/send an email or post via facebook, her blog or instagram, if she is ever planning on visiting a different part of the world. However if an in-person reading is unavailable to you, be sure to note that she is available online via video chat or audio call over Zoom. Lady Crescent does not travel more than 60 mins / 1 hr for bookings that cost less than $70. Lady Crescent will only travel more than 30 mins for bookings that cost $50 and greater.
  • Red Light
    If Unvaccinated you must wear a mask at all times, for all In-Person Services. If you have been sick within the last 2 weeks please wait to book an In-Person Service or choose to book an Online Session instead
  • Is Tarot Evil?
    Now, I get this question a lot. So often in fact, I might just write a blog... "Tarot is Evil","Tarot is Devil Worshipping" - This is far from the truth. Tarot cards have no evil powers. In fact, a Tarot reader can use these cards to help a client receive clarity and provide solutions in challenging areas of their lives. These cards help us connect with our soul, our divine spirit, and make a connection with the Divine and the Angelic. This is not only deeply spiritual, and magikal but also life-changing. I must admit that every time I use my Tarot cards for others, or myself, it helps me make that spiritual connection we all seek and desire. They also do not cast spells, summon the devil or any sort of demon... Tarot Cards are simply a tool, and just like the sword, they are only as powerful (and/or evil or good) as the person who wields them. Now close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let go of this silly myth forever...
  • What is Tarot and How Does it Work?
    The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards, each with its own imagery, symbolism and story. The 22 Major Arcana cards represent life's karmic and spiritual lessons; things that are often than not inevitable nor easily changed. The 56 Minor Arcana cards reflect the trials and tribulations that we experience on a daily basis; things which are never truly set in stone. ​ Every lesson we meet in our lives can be found in the seventy-eight Tarot cards. And so when we consult the Tarot, we’ll get shown the exact lessons we need to learn and master to live our full divine life. It’s like holding up a mirror to yourself, and quite literally seeing/reading all yours cards, laid on the table... ​ " Tarot isn’t just about predicting the future, It’s about changing it. " ​ Tarot is great for predicting the future, but it's even greater when being used in shaping it. It's a great tool for self-development, making choices, manifesting goals, planning a business, etc. ​ Lady uses Tarot to help you discover how to make positive changes in the now so that you can manifest those goals, dreams and desires you want to come to be in the future.
  • How do the Aura Readings work?
    The Aura Readings are available online only. For any and all written reports, Aura Art, and items from the Shop - please allow 3 - 5 business days for it's arrival.
  • What is an Aurora reading?
    Aurora is the combination of both Yara and Aurelia Services, It will come with the Digital Version of the Aura Art, in jpeg. format for best printing outcomes and in png. format for best post/upload outcomes.
  • What is a Yara reading?
    Yara is the Aura Image and written report. This includes upto 5 pgs explaining what colours your aura shows, and what it may say about who you are, your personality or even the people and situations you attract in your life. It also includes a basic edited image of yours showing the colours I see in your aura so that you may visualise it for yourself. This report will be sent to you via email in PDF Format.
  • What is an Aurelia reading?
    Aurelia is an Aura Digital Art Collage Piece made to show you what I see and feel from your aura through imagery. You may get this sent to you digitally or in a physical print format depending on which service you choose.
  • What is a White Witch?
    A White Witch is a person who practices magic for altruistic purpose, otherwise known as a lightworker or practitioner of white magic and/or white witchcraft. The White Witch is one who uses magic for benevolent purposes or without malicious intent... White Witches are known to be strong empaths, who follow the ancient ones practice old magik and take more traditional routes. White Witches usually live by the harm none rule and believe whatever you put out there comes back to you in three-fold (good and bad). As a White Witch, one is bound by white magik and the Witche's Rite, that magik intended to harm or manipulate another's life will take away ones light (natural magik/gifts) and a curse be placed upon them. White Witches can also use magik for themselves, however, if something is deemed "Selfish" by the Divine, then the spell/craft is blocked or backfires. It means to; Walk the right hand path - the one where you only use your natural born abilities to help others where able, Bless those who are less fortunate or those who show you blessings when they have none, Worship mother earth and all her creations, Work with all the seasons, and all the elements. Seek guidance from the Angels, And show gratitude to the Divine, your dieties, and the Universe. White Witches to this present day are still quite rare and uncommon, as most choose to walk the path of the grey witch. But mainly because to become a true White Witch, one must be given or awarded the title by either a High Elder, another respected White Witch of at least 5 years minimum in practice, a Group of Elders, or a coven of higher status, such as The High Priestess of the Seven Sects. The reason being for the receiving of the title, is because being a "White Witch" is all about serving others, and giving - with this in mind, it only makes sense that one cannot simply gift themselves such a respected and renowned title and go around calling themselves a White Witch all willy-nilly.
  • Third Party Policies and Procedures.
    Third Party products and services provided through Lady's Shop follows their own policies and procedures - please check and do your own reaserach in regards to them. Lady Crescent holds no responsibility nor is she liable for anything a Third Party takes part in nor does. Lady Crescent holds seperate values, rules, and ideals from any Third Party and will and should be seen as an individual sole trador. If a Third Party breaks any of Lady Crescent's Privacy, Safety and Security and/or Site User Policies, the agreement/contracts made between Lady and the Third Party is VOID, they will be taken down from the website, and charged with a minimum of $1000 depending on how harmful their actions have been.
  • Understanding Tax : Policies and Procedures
    Currently Lady Crescent is Based in New Zealand. Please respect and apply New Zealand Sole Trador Tax Policies here on . All payments made through and/or lady crescent via stripe or e-transfer should charge you with a percentage of 10.5% (general basic income tax).
  • Understanding Costs : Policies and Procedures
    All Prices and Costs seen on - is to be valued at the currency of the location/place in which Lady Crescent is currently based/traveling through. At the moment, Lady Crescent is based in Queenstown, New Zealand - which means that all costs and prices seen on are to be payed in nzd currancy. If and when she decides to travel outside of New Zealand, please feel free to pay via PayPal or transferwise (these links can be found here: ) , otherwise all payments made online should be made through stripe. For all in person bookings/services, you may be given the option to pay in person, you will then be sent an invoice with any and all travel fees that you are required to pay as soon as the invoice has been recieved/your booking has been confirmed. This will cover the costs of Lady Crescent's travel to-and-from the location agreed upon by both parties and will also be seen as a saftey and security deposit, incase of any cancellations, refunds, etc). Please refer to 'Booking, Cancellation and Refund Policies' for more information.
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