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Who is Lady Crescent?

Background Story

Lady Crescent has been awarded an array of titles, such as;

Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader, White Witch, High Priestess, and Light Worker.

Lady has also been ordained by the ULC to perform Pagan Hand Fasting Ceremonies as a Pagan Priestess and Celebrant.

Lady Crescent was born a natural intuitive, 

​Her roots have grown from the Manchurian Shamanic Tribes which founded

the Qing Dynasty, and from the Germanic Pagan Clans of Curran that which later traveled to the British Isles settling in counties Somerset scattering throughout, all the way to Mayo.

From the wee age of four, Lady has practiced witchcraft and has used her abilities to heal and help others where she's been able.

At the age of fourteen, she started to help spirits cross over and help those who were grieving find reassurance and peace through mediumship.

When Lady turned seventeen (a special day for all witchlings as it is the rite of wiccaning and/or witchening), she connected with all witches who walked the path before her and was blessed by her ancestors as a Grey Witch. This too was the year she discovered the Art of Tarot and was Mentored by Anna-Maree of NZ Soul, a highly respected Intuitive Consultant.

When Lady turned nineteen she received her Grounding Ceremony with Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer Breanne to step into herself and find balance on both the physical and spiritual realms, allowing her to have a healthier relationship with the spirit realm and to live in her truth as a physical being...since then she has been trying to reconnect with her divine spiritual power to invoke her mediumship abilities to their full ability once again.

This year was a big year of change, for her ouroboros was just about to re-begin.

And there it was, Yule 2019 - Divine Sister Bridget blessed Lady and performed a rebirth ceremony, for Lady would be reborn as Artemis. Lady also debuted that same year at WitchFestNorth as a Pagan Medium and Tarot Reader. 

In 2020 she was discovered by High Priestess and Shaman Claire-Voyant, completely by chance in an elevator in Toronto, Canada...and for two years had been generously mentored and trained by her as a Medium, Intuitive, Tarot Reader and Clairvoyant. Later on in the final meetings she was certified and gifted the honourable title of High Priestess herself, after unknowingly completing Claire's High Priestess Programme.

In between all these events and 'till this day, she has been trained, mentored and certified in numerous different sectors of the Holistic, Spiritual and Witching Arts, with/by/through incredible beings from big names to underground folks and societies. 

She has been a Grey Witch and a Pagan, and now she is a World Renowned White Witch following the three-fold law and worshipping her chosen deities as a Polytheistic Pagan.

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Behind The Name

Behind The Name

The Dawn of Lady Crescent

Lady Crescent - Lay•Dee Crez•scent

Originating from her Family Germanic Pagan Clan: Clan of Curran.

Curran/Corrán in Gaelic roughly translates to Crescent or Lune.

If her Clan still existed today, she would be seen as Lady of the Clan, as the first born female of her family - the Clan of Corrán were what's called a mädchenschwarm, their warriors were Mädchen (lassies) and the men stayed to protect the camp/village and their Vorräte (Stock, Supplies, etc), this type of clan set-up has been compared to the amazonisch (in reference to the amazonian women).

When a witchling turns seventeen, they are to be reconnected with the mother, the maiden, and the moon, they are to transfer energies to and from all who have walked the path before them and to connect with their ancestors and their own higher-self. On this day they are given and blessed with their new name, much like an alias or a title being bestowed upon you by the Divine. 

On July 27th, 2016 she was given her clan name and she chose to re-shape it into her own, from Lady of the Corrán Clan to Lady of Curran and from there, to Lady Crescent.

Thus was the birth of Lady Crescent, World Renowned White Witch.

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