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Retreat. Reconnect. Rebuild.

Come join us and tend to your mind's garden. Allow yourself to pull your weeds and plant your seeds with a beautiful group of supportive goddesses, like yourself.  

We all need a little time to be, find direction, process, and reconnect with ourselves. 

These Circles are here to help beautiful beings like you, regain a sense of self, or perhaps regain control of your own lives and build more confidence in your own beliefs, passions, and desires. 

In this group, we will be doing mindful and self-love growth exercises; I will be helping you by predicting your current pathways so that you may change and bring the future you want and desire into reality through helpful tools such as but not limited to; tarot, journaling, light work, breathwork, and grounding meditations.

See below for the different Goddess Circle Packages and tickets. 


Do I need to bring anything?

Yes, for every Goddess Circle, there are a few items you must bring, and then depending on the focus of that circle, you may get an email letting you know that there is something specific you'll need to bring with you as well.

These are the Goddess Circle must brings:

- something to share (for the potluck)

- a journal/notebook dedicated to Lady's Goddess Circles (or you may purchase one of the special packages that come with a beautiful notebook) *for those of you who are returning, please use the same one you used for your last visit.

- a pen 

- something to give to Mother Earth and/or the chosen deities at the offering ceremony (flower, stone, branch/wand, etc)

- an open heart and an open mind

- *optional* your favourite mug

What can I expect from a Goddess Circle?

The below is just a handful of the possible activities you may experience at a circle;

Mini Tarot and Divination Workshop (Tarot, Oracle, Aura, and Pendulum Readings), Earth Grounding Meditations, Earth Dancing *Summertime only*,  Sigil Work, Breathwork, Luna Journaling (Reflective Journaling and Shadow work), Smoke Cleansings, Magicks and Mythology Studies, Craftwork, Crystal healing and study, BibliomancyTasseography

Releasing Ceremony w/ Witches Brew, Gratitude and Offerings Ceremony accompanied with Cacao, Introductory and Opening Ceremony, Meeting Soul Sisters, and Potluck Feast (dinner).

*Please note that depending on the focus/theme of a circle, there may be more specific activities and tools you will be exploring and working with - the schedule can be found here*

How often do they occur?

In the past, Goddess Circles were held in Frankton, weekly for 2 hours on a Saturday evening. 

However, in the New Year (2024) we will be holding them near Arrowtown, fortnightly for 2.5 hours, either on a Mystic Monday, a Witchy Wednesday, or a Saining Sunday!

Check out the upcoming event dates here

Is there a dress code and theme?

Typically a Goddess Circle is about embracing your Divine Feminine self, so a beautiful flowy dress is the way to go. Otherwise, whatever makes you feel most comfortable, and feminine - embracing the gorgeous Goddess you are! 

The colour we aim for is White - however, earth-based colours are good too, and depending on the circle's theme, the dress code may vary.

As for the theme, every Circle has its focus, so be sure to keep an eye out when buying your tickets!

Who is Lady Crescent?

Read all about Lady here

Upcoming Goddess Circles

December | Wednesday 13th, 2023 

December | Sunday 17th, 2023 

December | Tuesday 19th, 2023 - Litha Special

More coming in the New Year...





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