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Training, Mentorship and Development of Abilities

4yo - Hong Kong

Lady is a Witchling being mentored by her ancestors. Abilities to see and speak to the dead were quite noticeable and precognitive dreams were already coming through quite vividly. 

6yo - Hong Kong

The "gift of goodbyes" is determined by the gods; Lady can foresee death in the family, in close relatives and close friends, and their relatives exactly two weeks before they occur.

7/9yo - Hong Kong

Lady's precognitive dreams become more and more vivid, and a Dream Journal was started to Record all PDs to keep track of those that do come true. 

12yo - Sydney, AU | Queenstown, NZ

Empathic Abilities (now known and proven by Science as having more Mirror Neurons than the average person) start to show themselves. Lady is not just very empathetic of others but can feel what others are emotionally and physically feeling.  

14yo - Queenstown, NZ

Lady learns to help Earthbound Spirits cross over into "Summerland".

16yo - Queenstown, NZ

Sleep Demons aka Sleep Paralysis takes over nights with surreal and horrific PDs that come true all over the world. Lady is more involved with the Spirit Realm than ever. Lady learns to cross over spirits in masses, use protection spells safely, and learn how to effectively cleanse homes and lands of unwanted energies.

17yo - Queenstown, NZ

Lady has an Earth Grounding and Naming Ceremony and is anointed into the World of Witchcraft as an Official Grey WItch by an underground Witch coven in NZ, as well as Deities Aphrodite and Poseidon, and Crescent's Ancestors. This is also the same year Lady discovered The Art of Tarot due to the wonderful and highly experienced Anna-Maree of NZ Soul, one of Lady's first Mentors; a highly respected Intuitive Consultant, and Natural Born Medium.

18yo - Toronto, CA

Lady received another Grounding Ceremony with Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer Breanne O'Gallagher, who passed along her knowledge of the Akashic records and brought Lady to the Council through deep meditation, in hopes of reconnecting Lady to the physical realm as Lady was becoming dangerously close with the Spirit Realm.

"The living should not be walking so deep into death, as one day death may ask them to stay". It was time for Lady to start living life with others who were also living.

19yo - Toronto, CA

Met the powerful Clare of Clare-voyance, and was certified as a Professional Tarot Reader, Intuitive, and Mystic by Clare, as well as unknowingly completing Clare's High Priestess Programme with flying colours.  

20/21yo - Queenstown, NZ | Toronto, CA

For a couple of years, Lady misplaces the ability to see and speak to the dead. This year Lady hosts Yule in NZ where Divine Sister Bridget and Founder of Noopii blessed Lady and performed a rebirth ceremony for Lady, to be reborn as Artemis. Lady also debuted that same year at WITCHfest North'19 as a Pagan Medium and Tarot Reader. Lady also met the bonafide Monica Bodirsky when she attended the famed Witches Ball. Lady predicts 4 years of Covid and the fall of many empires across the lands, "this is only the beginning - the last to come will be in 2025". 

21/22yo - Queenstown, NZ

22/23yo - Queenstown, NZ. 

Four Months traveling the UK 

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