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Wed, 07 Jul


Nadi Wellness

Learning the Art of Tarot

Come join Lady Crescent for a 5 day course held on Witching Wednesday Eve's throughout July to August (7th, 14th, 21st, 28th and 4th) from 5 - 7pm Re-awaken your Mystical Abilities, and Up-level your mind's eye. "Not just a Tarot Workshop".

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Learning the Art of Tarot
Learning the Art of Tarot

Time & Location

07 Jul 2021, 5:00 pm NZST – 04 Aug 2021, 7:30 pm NZST

Nadi Wellness

About the Event

Here's a little information about the workshop:

This workshop is for all levels, so yes, all you beginners are very much welcome!

Although in this workshop, our focus is all about "Learning the Art of Tarot"... it is not just a Tarot Workshop.

In this  5 day workshop you'll learn how to up-level and awaken your intuition, to bring about alignment of both your spirit and vessel.

You'll be given the tools to help not only predict your future, but learn to create and change it. 

"The future is not set in stone". 

This workshop isn't about taking it professional and building a career around it (although we will be discussing it if anyone has any interest in doing so). 

Our Focus is on YOU. Let us focus on where you are versus where you want to be.

If you've come across this, take it as a sign from the YOUniverse - it's time to take charge of your life and manifest your desires, dreams and goals, and actually work towards bringing it into fruition.

Change your life, Change your future, Bring about serenity and peace into your life with the help of Tarot, Lightwork, Intuition, and Clarity with World Renowned White Witch Lady Crescent.

What the workshop will be touching base on:

  • How to channel information via tarot
  • Manifesting 101, Changing your future using tarot
  • Getting in touch 
  • Intune-ition/Tune into your intuition
  • History of tarot
  • How to read tarot
  • Reading tarot for yourself vs others
  • Tips on charging for tarot, or turning it into a professional career
  • Divination, and pendulum
  • Lightwork 
  • Intention Blessing 

There will be a blessing and certification ceremony for "Learning the Art of Tarot | Intermediate" at the end of the 5 session course.This will be held on the 5th night (4th of August) at 7.30pm. 

What to bring:

  • Open Energy
  • Clear Quartz, Amethyst or Rainbow Fluorite  (if you have any)
  • A Pen and a Tarot journal/Empty Journal specifically used for all things Divination or Tarot
  • If you have any of your own Tarot decks, Tarot mats, and/or Pendulums please bring them along! (always best to work with one's you're already bonded/bonding with)
  • Please come wearing neutral colours, and or earthy tones (creams, greens, whites, browns, muted colours)
  • Your favourite Mug

What can/will be provided:

  • printable major arcana and suit cards are available for those who don't have tarot decks.

Be sure to email: and

RSVP with full name and number, letting me know that you will be attending for date(s) and are in need of Tarot cards

Certificates for those who have completed and attended all 5 sessions


Wednesday 7th July

5.05 pm  Welcoming Ceremony 

5.30 pm  Introduction to Tarot 

5.50 pm  History of Tarot

6.10 pm  Divination & Invocation

6.30 pm  Major Arcana & Minor Arcana

7.00 pm  Closing Ceremony

Wednesday 14th July

5.05 pm  Welcoming Ceremony & Recap

5.30 pm  Retouch on Major and Minor Arcana

6.00 pm  Suits Cards 

6.40 pm  Tarot Care, Bonding, Shuffling, Blessing Cleansing

7.00 pm  Closing Ceremony

Wednesday 21st July

5.05 pm  Welcoming Ceremony & Recap

5.30 pm  Tuning into your higher self Ritual with the help of Energy Realignment*, Noku Mana, Smudging and Manchurian Shamanic Cleansing* 

6.30 pm  Partner up and do a Practice Reading (3 card spreads)

6.50 Q & A 

- if you want to know about getting into tarot professionally,

- if there's anything else you want to make sure Lady touches on

7.00 pm Closing Ceremony

Wednesday 28th July

5.05 pm  Welcoming Ceremony & Recap

5.30 pm  Using Tarot as a Tool to change your life & Manifesting 101

6.10 pm  Continued Manifesting 101 w/ Channeling

6.30 pm  Someone will be chosen for a free reading by Lady (5 card reading)

7.00 pm  Closing Ceremony

Wednesday 4th August

5.05 pm  Welcome Ceremony & Recap

5.30 pm  Intro to Lightwork 

6.10 pm  Intention Blessing

6.30 pm  The teacher becomes the student (Practice Readings)

7.00 pm  End of Workshop Ceremony with lavender infused blessed elixirs 

7.30 pm  Certification Ceremony 

Energy Realignment

*pin points of your body will be touched and moved, and your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional realms will sync back into one another

Manchurian Shamanic Cleansing 

*The piping ("smoking") of ethically sourced pure white sage, a ritual which deeply cleanses you internally and expels unwanted and negative energies through and through outwardly unto wherst it came - "let go of what does not belong to you" 

If you miss any days and are interested in getting Certified please feel free to contact Lady via the Contact page and let her know which dates you are unavailable to make, and she can schedule a 1:1 session where she'll walk you through on the things you will be missing out on so that you may be blessed by Lady and given your much deserved Certificate. 

*contact lady for prices for 1:1 workshop sessions

Membership Offer
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  • All 5 Sessions

    Comes with Awakened Tea (Please check with host on arrival), a 50% off coupon for a stardust reading with Lady Crescent and a Certificate supported by the Sisterhood of Divinity Founded by Lady Crescent, for "Learning the Art of Tarot" Intermediate Level

    Tax: Tax included
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  • Exclusive Package

    All 5 sessions. Must be signed up to the website and/or member of "Lady Crescent" on Spaces by Wix app. Comes with a cup of Awakened Tea (Please check with host on arrival), a 20% off coupon for a stardust reading with Lady Crescent, an exclusive invite to the very first Goddess Circle in Queenstown and a Certificate supported by the Sisterhood of Divinity Founded by Lady Crescent, for "Learning the Art of Tarot" Intermediate Level.

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  • Per session

    Those who have missed out on all 5 sessions will not be able to receive certification, you may book 1:1 sessions with Lady, to make up for any missed sessions which will cost extra.

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