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Celebrating Yule in the Southern Hemisphere

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Hello, Beautiful Beings of the Southern Hemisphere!

It seems that Yule has almost been and gone as quick as it has come!

June 20th - 23rd for SH🎄

Dec 20th - 23rd for NH

Seasonal Greenery in the SH (Specifically in NZ):

Eucalyptus, Ornamental Kale, Hellebores, Calendula, Evergreen Camelias, Primulas, Nandina, Purple-red Loropetalums

What did you do this year to celebrate the return of the Sun God/Oak King and the promise of a Green earth one again? 🌿

Let me know in the Comments ☺️ Do you have any traditions and tips to share with one another?

Germanic-Pagan Traditions:

Jōl ~ twelve days of feasting and honouring the Sun God

Sun Dancing ~ Dancing around Bon Fires and Singing Ancient Hymns and Chants for the Oak King to overcome the Holly King

Sacrificial Boar ~ The finest boar in the village and the chosen few of the tribe/clan/herd would place their hands on the boar and place their oaths to Freya, which they could not break once sworn. The boar was then sacrificed in her name and the feasting began.

The Yule Log ~ Oak or Ash Logs are Decorated and burned in the fires until there is but a stick left which will then later be used in the following Yule as the lighting stick of the fire.

The Reenactment ~ Two chosen of the tribe/clan/herd will dress fully or just wear the wreaths as the Holly and Oak King and reenact the battle of the two seasons, where the Oak King triumphs.

Other Activities for this Sabbath:

Balefires, Catching up on studies such as filling in Book of Shadows or Book of Mirrors, Baking Sweets, Practicing Zero Waste, Collecting Rainwater, Collecting Pinecones, De-cluttering, Donating Blankets, Decorating your Home and Hearth, Seasonal tree and altar with seasonal greenery, gift making and gifting, gifting seasonal flora to loved ones, exploring caves, feasting, storing firewood, Herbal Crafts/Kitchen Witchery, Honouring the Goddess and the birth of the God, building gingerbread houses, spiced/mulled wines, festive wreaths, charms, and talismans, meditating, setting intentions, retreats, take a trip, nature/garden/park walks, telling stories around the fire, wassailing, honouring all life including your own and holding Gatherings with friends and family.

Thanks for taking your time to read and learn about the Yule/Winter Solstice, a Sabbath that is a part of the Pagan Wheel of the Year.

- Lady ☾

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