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Change is Good, Change is Growth

Some of you have spotted me, and have even stopped by to exchange a good word or two, at Miller Road (Queenstown).

Miller Road? What's that?

It's a beautiful store originally started in Devonport, Auckland by an amazing, strong, and talented woman Treena Nixon. They sell gorgeous candles, soaps, fragrances, room sprays, essential oils, and diffuser oils, amongst other things, as well as host wonderful workshops where they teach you how to make your own signature perfume! And yes, it's as cool as it sounds, I have made two of my has definitely set some things into motion for the future of my own business (no, I will not be doing perfume workshops).

Back to the point of this article; for those of you who have spotted me, and have asked me why. This is for you - I hope to answer all the questions this 'news' brings, specifically the ones below.

"Why are you working at Miller Road?"

"Is business not going so well?"

"Why bother working for someone else, if you already run your own business?"

All great questions - so great they have inspired me to speak more into the exact reasons of why, or shall I say...why not?

Firstly, Business is actually going quite well - perhaps busier than it has ever been within the years Covid has made itself known. There are even some mystical new additions, such as; projects, services, circles, and perhaps even a tour of some kind... making their way to the surface in the coming months...

Secondly, Yes - I am indeed working at Miller Road, and why the Summerland not?

It really is no bother. In fact, I find working for someone else every now and then can be very humbling. It helps bring me back to ground zero and reminds me that there is still so much I can and need to learn from others.

These varying experiences can also often help me better my business and reassess my own business values if needed. Not only that, but it is also a way that I may extract some variety for my everyday life and learn something new.

" You learn something new every day."

As a sole trader who mainly runs a business alone, travels to and from clients' homes, and well more often than not, works from her own little "witches' cottage" - it doesn't quite offer you the same type of support or community you might find unless you were an employee amongst co-workers.

Ah - the Human Experience, am I right?

The need for belonging, connection, and understanding.

It's always nice to have a change of perspective, in fact, I believe it's healthy.

Without change, there cannot be growth and without growth, there cannot be life. As I always say "there is always space for improvement, and every experience brings you a lesson that perhaps not at that moment makes sense, but one day it really turns into a blessing."

I've been through my fair share of blessings and there definitely was a time where I didn't see them as such, and I surely didn't think I'd find gratitude in them...but I have, all experiences, bring perspective, bring growth, bring blessings, and most importantly brings you to the person you are today. I hope that you find goodness in that knowing.

Life is one big lesson, and the Journey never truley ends....especially if you believe in life after death, as I do.

So, you might as well learn as much as you can.

Bless'd Be,

Lady 🌙

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