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Flame & Rose

I Am Affectionate

I Am Generous

I Am Reliable

I Am Empathetic

I Am Angry

I Am Bitter

I Am Disgusting

I Am Dismissive

(I also have a ‘Resting Bitch Face’ that apparently runs in the family)

I know how it feels to be told that in order to be Loved and Accepted into society, you had to place yourself inside of a box of Goodness.

To not step out of line, to just paint a smile on your face and keep your mouth quiet.

Because here, you’re easily controlled Yet there you rest, constricted, stifled from your authenticity.

I know the burdens of Perfectionism, trying so hard to make everyone Like you, denying what is really underneath the surface.

Caring so much of what people think about you, rejecting the fire, the rage, the passion, deeming them as wrong, as Bad.

It’s exhausting

It is your One primordial truth as a human that you have access to all of these expressions inside of you. It’s time to bring acceptance to all of these parts of yourself.

By not doing so you cause harm to those around you by externalising your pain, your hunger to be seen in your fullness, unconsciously inviting others on the ride with you.

My Love,

to only identify with your Fierceness or your Softness is doing dishonour to the full capacity of your limitless range, it is fragmenting you from your Wholeness.

You are a multi faceted diamond, why only choose one side?

At the core root of your being is the courage to Not. Give. A. Fuck. of what people think of you.

To become in touch with your Innocence, the Truest Essence of your heart. Yet, allowing the Passionate, Ecstasy, of Life Force Energy to burst through your seams and into the world around you.

This is the root of our Sisterhood woundings, deeming one another as too loud or too quiet, too much or too small,

because we haven’t yet accepted the whole package inside of ourselves.

Ask yourself ‘What do I Need?’

Claim it Stop trying so hard to fit in Sink your teeth into the cravings that fuel your internal Fire Descend down and in - to become in touch with your Heart That is your Innate Wholeness

Can you say YES to life arising? Shout it! Scream it! Let yourself be seen and heard in all of you

- Jodie Marshall

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