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A Perfect Protection Intention

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

I am here in this moment. Here in my heart space, grounded and connected to all that is -

at the centre of Mother Earth.

Through the roots, growing out through the souls of my feet, calling energy up from Mother Earth, up through my feet, up through my legs and into my body.

Filling my heart space with unconditional love, light and joy.

Filling every organ, cell and atom of my being and radiating out through every pore into my aura, expanding above, around and below me. Expanding into a beautiful bubble filled with this unconditional love, light and joy. Expanding even bigger and bigger till it encompasses me repelling all energies, ailments, feelings, emotions, etc which do not belong to me - and back to the person or place where and whence they original came from, and with nothing but understanding and acceptance - unconditional love.

Give me all the love and protection that I need on this day, and allow all the unconditional love, light and joy to flow from me to others and from others to and through me in perfect ways.

I am here in this beautiful, amazing moment of my life -where I love my life and my life loves me

I am alive and everything is flowing and working out perfectly for me in perfect ways.

I am grateful, I am loved, I am light, I am so very appreciative, and I thank you.

Thank you... Thank you... Thank you...

Love and Light



A special written intention from the beautiful Karma to Lady, as an Empath:

I set the intention to only receive energetic reads on people, places, animals, etc -

without any physical or energetic impact on my health, body and well-being.

Please use the above to help set boundaries for yourself, if you too are a energy sponge, healer, truth teller and/or empath.


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