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Happy Hibernation!

Thank you to all those who came by/passed through the Saturday Market! As you all should know by now - the 4th of June was my last Outdoor Market of the year, as it gets too cold 🥶 otherwise. And I had announced that I'd be available for bookings 'till the 11th of June for bookings, however I have become fulled booked already! So thank you for supporting your #localwhitewitch

Now I will be going into what I call my deep hibernation holiday; where I watch witchy movies and shows, cast spells, create some winter wonderland potions and get the cauldron bubbling!

🧹 I may even take flight on my broomstick, write letters to loved ones showing gratitude this year, Host some craft circles, feast with my ancestors, feed the birds, write some poetry, get witchy stitchy and make some corsets!

🪡 Weave some Brigid crosses, donate old clothes, do some spring cleaning, show up to witches circles and women's meets, do more candle crafts and write down some poetry...

All of these are things I love to do whilst I celebrate the coming days ‘till the arrival of yule and throughout July and August, until I again emerge out of my cozy hearth with the tidings of Imbolc!

Have a happy Hibernation! I'll see you again in Imbolc!

> note: I will still be posting some things to my Instagram, and will hopefully have more time for blog posts, and Mystic brew episodes!

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