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The Rebirth of Artemis

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Artemis - represents the Feminine Archetype of Nature & the Wilds. Virgin, pure, and primitive--of the wild places, Mother of Creatures.

Artemis is the Huntress, the Destroyer - Embodying the light and darkness.

In the morning when I have spent myself,

I am serene

Like a hurricane.

I call myself Artemis.

I take a step forward

Without any feet,

The stillness of my soul,

Living in the abyss of my loneliness,

Brings tears,

They are the rivers of my life,

Everything that I ever loved grows like wildflowers,

Like a child.

I am Artemis.

I am the wind,

I am the trees,

I am the earth,

I am Artemis,

I am free.

Poetry Written and Gifted to Artemis (Lady) By the Divine Bridget Healy

Yule 2019 | Queenstown, NZ | Crescent Circle & The Sisterhood of Divinity

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