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White Witches are Bad Ass B******

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

All about the path of Traditional White Witchery...

A White Witch is an anointed Witch who practices magic for altruistic purposes, otherwise known as a practitioner of white magic and/or white witchcraft.

The White Witch is one who uses magic for benevolent purposes or without malicious intent...

White Witches are known to be strong empaths, who follow the ancient ones, practice old magik and take more traditional routes. White Witches are sworn to live by the harm none rule and believe that whatever you put out there comes back to you in three-fold (good and bad).

As a White Witch, one is bound by white magik and the Witche's Rite - we believe that magik intended to harm or manipulate another's life can take away ones light (natural magik/gifts) and a curse will be placed upon them.

White Witches can also use magik for themselves, however, if something is deemed "Selfish" by the Divine, then the spell/craft is blocked or backfires, and a hex or two is sent to the practitioner, much like the new age appropriated belief of Karma.

Rules of a White Witch:

1. Walk the right-hand path/Harm none - use your natural born abilities to help others

2. Always Bless those who are less fortunate or those who give when they have none

3. Worship and Respect mother earth and all her creations

4. Attune with all the seasons and all the elements

5. Celebrate life - work alongside the cycles of life and the circle of life

6. Seek guidance from the Angels and your Ancestors

7. Give thanks to the Divine, your Deities/The Gods

8. Every word you speak casts a spell - keep your words in good order

9. Your thoughts create your reality - keep your thoughts in good order

10. Honour the Goddess and the God

11. Know Thyself

12. Know Thy Craft

13. Be Wise enough to know there is always more to learn

White Witches to this present day are still quite rare and uncommon, as most choose to walk the path of the grey witch. But mainly because to become a true traditional White Witch, one must be given or awarded the title by either a High Elder, another respected White Witch of at least 5 years minimum in practice, a Group of Elders, or a coven of higher status, such as The High Priestess of the Seven Sects.

The reason for the receiving of the title is because being a White Witch is all about serving others - with this in mind, it only makes sense that one cannot simply gift themselves such a respected and renowned title, and go around calling themselves a White Witch all willy-nilly.

***I do however want to note something very important - as you can see, I do not use the term Good Witch here, because that would mean that Dark Witches and Practitioners of Dark Magik are bad or evil. And in truth, because I am a traditional Witch, I do not believe one can exist without the other. Like all things in life there is always a medium, and a polarized opposite.

At the same time, because I am a White Witch - I cannot condone the use of Dark Magik, as they are; not sworn to the Harm None Oath (They are allowed to place curses, hexes, and jinxes, on anyone they wish to), nor do they often Follow the Three-Fold rule, they do not have to respect the free will of others (this includes love spells), nor do they have to ask permission to work on someone.

I want to reiterate that I do not use the terms good or evil, as both are due to personal perspective, and whether you decide to walk the right-hand path or the left-hand path is entirely up to you - as all Magik starts at intent. As long as your thoughts are in good order and you're of good intent, I'm all for it, otherwise, I cannot support you but I will respect your decision.***

Without Rules and Order, things can and will descend into chaos. Magik without boundaries can be very harmful and often damaging, to not only the practitioner but to those around them...

Bless'd Be,

Lady 🌙

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