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Apple Aura Quartz is a green coloured crystal often with a hint of yellow and a sheen of iridescence.

Like all Crystals, nothing is entirely "natural", almost every crystal and gemstone have been either heated, polished, tumbled, shaped or fused with other precious metals.

For Quartz to become Apple Aura Quartz it has to be heated at 800°c and be bonded with Nickel. The process for all Aura Quartz is a delicate one and takes skill and experience.  

Metaphysical Properties:

The energetic shield crystal - protects energy levels and shields us from energy ‘vampires’.

It is also said to assist in severing ties from previous relationships, specifically toxic ones, and helps bring the body back into balance.


Good for the spleen, strengthening your immune system, and aids in cellular healing and programing.

All Crystals and Gemstones sold by have been curated and blessed by Lady and are all ethically sourced.

Apple Aura Quartz (Polished)

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