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Meaning and Background Story Behind the Sculpture:

Bilva, a Turkish name meaning Sacred Leaf (quite befitting don't you think?)


A part of the flora vulva line (3 hand scuplted clay pieces).

Each piece represents the core of the Divine Feminine - inspired by the sacred feminine/the females sacred flower/lotus...

I had looked to normalize the female genitilia, with the masses and with thy self.

Only after the many hours and days of sculpting these three vulvas I now have learnt to appreciate and show graditude to my own sacred self and love it all - as all vulvas are different like our fingerprints, all unique and beautiful in their own way.

Never let anyone, nor yourself make you feel ashamed of your sacredness.


Created for the "Divine Femininity" Showcase, as seen at the Spring Loaded 2021 Exhibition in the Qt Contemporary Gallery, Five Mile (Queenstown).


Dimensions: 6" x 3.6"

Methods: Hand Sculpted and Painted

Mediums: Air Dry Clay and Acrylic Paints


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