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Meaning and Background Story Behind the Painting:

Mind, Feeling, Emotion

A beautiful geisha women coming through to the otherside of her troubles, finding her truth after winning a battle against her inner demons.


This painting came to me in a dream, and this surreal dream showed me creating this piece includding building the canvas, it was even larger than the reality - but I awoke with the need, the passion to bring this geisha into the physical realm.


I am selling it as a way to show that I have moved on from that chapter of my life (the time of when I had painted it), and hopefully find a loving and befitting new home for her, with a new owner who can connect with her story as well.


From the "Divine Femininity" Showcase, as seen at the Spring Loaded 2021 Exhibition in the Qt Contemporary Gallery, Five Mile (Queenstown). 


Dimensions : 48" x 60" (1219 x 1524mm)

Methods: Painted by brush and Finger Painted

Mediums: Acrylic Paints and Clear Varnish


SKU: Ky0k0
  • “My work explores the relationship between Mother Nature and the vulnerabilities which come along with being a Female, and in turn the strength within, representing the Divine Feminine.”

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